High speed trains: planes on wheels


From an ecological point of view, the strategy to move travellers from airplanes to high speed trains just doesn’t make sense. Trains are considered to be much more environmentally friendly than aircrafts. Unfortunately, they lose their ecological advantage when speed goes up. And train companies seem to be obsessed by …

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Carbon sequestration: bury the idea, not the CO2


Why introduce yet another expensive, energy-intensive and risky technology if there are so many other and better ways of fighting global warming?  Capturing CO2 from the smokestacks of power stations with the intention of storing it in underground reservoirs, oceans, rocks, consumer products, chemicals or fuels has gained a lot …

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Leave the algae alone


While the first generation of biofuels is wreaking havoc on the environment and the food markets, the second generation is set to make things even worse. Since it has become clear that ethanol and biodiesel made from food crops are doing more harm than good, the hope for finding a …

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Urban windmills harm the environment


Small windmills have been around for some decades, but in recent years the focus has shifted on developing their potential use in an urban environment (where most of us live). It’s difficult to keep track of the numerous proposednew designs, meant to be placed on the roof or on a …

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Why We Need a Speed Limit for the Internet


In terms of energy conservation, the leaps made in energy efficiency by the infrastructure and devices we use to access the internet have allowed many online activities to be viewed as more sustainable than offline. On the internet, however, advances in energy efficiency have a reverse effect: as the network …

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